Study Network for ICT

LabraNet is a study network for Institute of Information Technology. The network is an independent part of JAMK University of Applied Sciences’ network. The main purpose of the LabraNet is to allow laboratory tasks in education and flexible environment for educational needs. The class rooms that use LabraNet are located in Dynamo building (3rd and 4th floor). Currently LabraNet is serving around 1100 users and 350 workstations. LabraNet also provides virtualized workstations with VMware ESXi servers for teaching purposes.

LabraNet features

  • Connection and services for various laboratory environments (e.g. SpiderNet )
  • Course based software policy
  • Multiple platforms
  • A possibility to make rapid changes (educational needs come first)
  • Remote Connection (SSH/VPN)
  • Variety of operating systems can be run on hosts by VMware
  • Virtualization on VMware ESXi servers
  • Student server (Web space, SSH connection, MySQL etc.)
  • Services for individual projects and project-based courses

Class rooms using LabraNet

LabraNet is used in the following class rooms. You can check the booking status of class rooms from here.

Computer classes 3rd floor

  • D327
  • D330
  • D331
  • D334

Computer classes 4th floor

  • D421
  • D426
  • D431
  • D436

Theory classes and Project Rooms

  • D322.2
  • D325 (Currently not used for projects)
  • D432
  • K205 (This project room is in Turbiini)

Problem cases

If you encounter problems concerning anything which is related to LabraNet. For example if the workstation does not work in class rooms that are using LabraNet (look below) you should contact LabraNet staff. You can fill out our Contact Form. Also you can always pay a visit to our office which is located on the third floor in Dynamo building (room number D332, Piippukatu 2).

LabraNet Staff

Head of LabraNet

Mr. Marko Vatanen
Tel. +358 40 545 8630


Mr. Kari Nurmi
Laboratory Engineer
Software Engineering
Tel. +358 40 558 4894

Mr. Jani Hallberg
Laboratory Engineer
Data Network Engineering
Tel. +358 50 409 4809

Mr. Henrik Saari
Laboratory Engineer
Data Network Engineering
Tel. +358 40 352 7823