Your home-folder can be accessed from outside by using VPN connection. Accessing via SSH tunnel is not supported anymore. Connect to LabraNet by VPN and type the following (Windows).
win+r or Start – Run
The path to your LabraNet home folder is:
When you are asked for credentials, enter your username as (for example, and use your LabraNet account password.
You can also use Windows tools to permanently map your home-folder as a network drive. Please note that the mapped drive will be accessible only when the VPN connection is active.

It is also possible to mount your Student-server home folder with the following path, credentials are the same as above:

Note! Mac OS Sierra users might have issues connecting to Student-server via SMB and CIFS. As a workaround, LabraNet administration recommends using Fuse for macOS and SSHFS both available here.
These enable you to mount your Student-server home folder via SSH with the command:
sshfs -o option1,option2 /mountpoint