SpiderNet supports wide variety of network protocols and technologies by enabling different topologies by enabling/disabling specific interfaces. You can see the specific topologies by clicking the links below.

Supported technologies and protocols in SpiderNet environment


  • ADSL
  • Ethernet
  • WiMAX
  • WLAN


  • 802.1Q
  • ATM Emulated LAN separated from SpiderNet
  • Ethernet
  • HSRP and VRRP
  • IGMP
  • L2- & L2/L3-switches
    • Interfaces: 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet
  • Router per Workgroup
    • DHCP
    • NAT/PAT
    • InterVLAN -routing
  • Security features including Zones, Policies, IDP, IPsec and High Availability using Junos operating system
  • SIP, H.323
  • Spanning Tree Protocols (802.1D), RSTP (802.1w) , MST (802.1s), PVST+