What is student.labranet.jamk.fi server?

  • Server that is dedicated only for ICT-students.
  • Virtualized
    • 4GB of memory
    • Diskspace quota is set (500MB for every ICT-student)
  • Running Linux environment (CentOS 6) with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Administered by Labranet’s administrators

What it isn’t

  • No screen processes
  • No IRC-connections
  • No IRSSI,Bitch-x,etc
  • No IRC-bots (eg. eggdrop, energymech)
  • No illegal material (storing illegal material will cause you to loose your account, see policy)

What does student server offer for you?

  • Anything you can do in UNIX/Linux environment
  • gcc/cc/java
  • WWW-space
  • PHP
  • SSH/SFTP Connections
  • Crontab
  • ETC (basically anything you can do in UNIX/Linux environment, feel free to ask if you need something)

How you can access student.labranet.jamk.fi?

  • See the SSH to Student server instructions