Academic Subscriptions

11.09.2018 - 12:52

Institute of Information Technology participates in several programs which offer software to students and staff either for a nominal fee or completely free of charge. Software is can be used for educational purposes, commercial application and production use is prohibited. Only currently enrolled Information Technology students and staff are eligible to download software, distribution to third parties is prohibited. Software is limited to one product key or activation at a time, other software-specific limitations may apply. Current programs include:

  • Microsoft Imagine Premium (formerly Dreamspark Premium), which provides most of the Microsoft software such as Windows, SQL Server and Visual Studio. Microsoft Office is not included in program.
  • VMware Academic Program, which provides one year trial licenses in VMware Virtualization software, such as VMware Workstation, vSphere Hypervisor and vCenter Server.

Software is available for download at JAMK IT ELMS Webstore, which is managed by Kivuto. By using the webstore and downloading software provided, you must agree to licenses involved in the programs. License and subscription agreements can be found in Microsoft Imagine Academy License Agreement and VMware Academic Program EULA. More information about each software is provided in the webstore.