Password Resets

04.10.2018 - 09:29

If you have forgotten your LabraNet password or otherwise want to change it remotely, you can use the LabraNet Self-service portal when the following applies:

  • Your account is not disabled / locked
  • You have access to your JAMK email account

The Self-service portal can be found at:

By filling in your LabraNet username and reCAPTCHA, you can generate a password reset link which will be sent to your JAMK email account.

Email form

Opening the link from your email account will lead to a form with which the password change can be completed. Read the password requirements and fill in your new password twice and complete the reCAPTCHA. Click Submit to complete the password change.

Reset form


  • If you have forgotten your JAMK account password, you can reset it via JAMK password service
  • The email link is only valid for 10 minutes

If the password reset fails or you have trouble with the service otherwise, please contact LabraNet helpdesk.