Week 9 VPN issues in LabraNet

05.03.2021 - 09:31

LabraNet administration is aware of a recent issue in LabraNet VPN after week 9 service migrations. Some Windows 10 clients disconnect immediately or soon after connecting to LabraNet VPN and reconnecting usually does not help. LabraNet administration is focused on fixing this issue but for now the following workaround seems to resolve this issue.

Configure your LabraNet VPN connection to use split tunneling with the help of LabraNet remote access guide. Be sure to configure the additional fix for DNS lookups while you are at it. More details available here https://student.labranet.jamk.fi/windows-10-and-labranet-vpn-issues/ and in LabraNet remote access guide available here https://student.labranet.jamk.fi/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Remote_access_guide.pdf

//UPDATE Week 10

Rollback of VPN server for now, should work like before.