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Upcoming server software upgrades

14.12.2022 - 12:45

On January 2023 the student server will be upgraded to include newer versions of most commonly used software as their current versions are to be deprecated. The software and versions will be:

  • Mariadb 10.5
  • PHP 8.2
  • Python 3.9
  • Postgresql-client 13

These updates will push the support life of the software to at least the year 2025 while maintaining some backwards compatibility. Some issues may occur if you have very old applications or databases. More accurate list of changes/deprecated functionality can be found in the release notes of the aforementioned software and their changelog/documentation pages.

The database servers (mariadb and will also be upgraded later to the versions mentioned above which might require the use of newer client software if you are using other clients than those supplied on

EDIT: The packages have now been upgraded. Python 2.7 has been deprecated and is not available anymore. The system default python3 is now python3.9 and python3.6 will be available as an alternative for some time for migration purposes. System-wide packages handled by pip should work as usual but create a helpdesk ticket in case something is still missing.

If you have installed packages for yourself using pip3 install –user before the upgrade, you need to install the packages again

pip3.6 list --user
pip3 install --user <packagenames>

Postgres server added

04.09.2020 - 12:49

The new PostgreSQL server is now available (accessible from LabraNet/student/over VPN) at The server is running postgres 12.4, and supports TLS but does not enforce it.

Unlike the MariaDB/MySQL servers, you only get one database, but you can create more schemas inside that database as needed.

Student server updated

21.08.2020 - 09:51

The server has been updated to Centos 8, with PHP 7.5. User data was migrated over and the web page locations and php configuration were preserved, so the only thing you might immediately notice is that the SSH keys changed.  The PHP version changing may also have caused breakage depending on your usage, and configuration differences may cause issues with usage patterns we didn’t explicitly test. If you have a new problem you would like us to look into, please contact the LabraNet helpdesk.

A new sql server (accessible from LabraNet/student/over vpn) is also available: , running MariaDB 10.5. The old mysql server at is still functioning, but will be phased out eventually (probably next summer.) Please use the new one for all your new mysql-type database needs, and if you have anything important to you on the old one, you might want to migrate it over during the starting school year.

A PostgreSQL server is also planned in the short term, but is not available yet.
The new postgres server is now available at, running postgres 12.4.

Covid-19 situation

18.03.2020 - 12:50

Covid-19 changes our customer service completely to online mode. If you need to contact LabraNet administration, please use our ticketing system to submit a service request. Our staff monitors new requests actively.

Microsoft Imagine Academy Update

15.02.2019 - 15:03

As of 15.2.2019 you may notice that Microsoft software has been removed from Kivuto webstore, and the following announcement appears:

“The Microsoft Imagine program is now Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. To access, please go to and sign in using your username. It may ask you to create a Microsoft Account if you do not have one already.”

Microsoft products are now only available through Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. After completing the signup using your JAMK credentials, you can browse available software (possibly) under Home -> Education -> Software.

VMware products are still available through Kivuto Webstore.