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vCloud environment down

14.07.2016 - 12:55

Our vCloud director environment ( is currently down. We are investigating the issue and will update this post once it is fixed.

UPDATE: vCloud environment is available again.

Internet connection issues

22.02.2016 - 08:56

There’s an ongoing problem with our Internet connection on the operator end (a cable break between Jyväskylä and Jämsä.)

We have restoted access to jamk services (optima and so on), but the greater Internet remains unreachable.

As of ~12:20, everything appears to be working again.

Welcome to Windows 10

11.01.2016 - 12:57

LabraNet has transitioned to Windows 10 over the end of year holidays. We’re aware of some issues, but if you notice missing or broken software, please report it to us using our contact form.

Some things to look out for:

  • Some computers may have the login screen keyboard layout as English.  You can check for this by typing in the username field.
  • If your homefolders are not mapped automatically, Z can be found at \\storage\homes\%USERNAME and S at \\student\%USERNAME%
  • Likewise if printers are not mapped, they can be found in \\printerservices
  • To log off, click on your username in the start menu and choose log off.

Dreamspark Premium

02.12.2015 - 14:58

Our Dreamspark Premium is currently unavailable due to the fact that the agreement renewal has not been successful in time. We are investigating reasons behind this and will update this post when the agreement is valid again. In the mean time, Dreamspark Premium licenses are unavailable.

UPDATE 18.12.2015: Agreement is finally valid again and Dreamspark Premium licenses are available for download.

Usage Policy

The Institute of Information Technology has updated its usage policy for its networks and systems.

You can read policy here (requires LabraNet authentication).


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